Links and Comments, Aug 13, 2014

New York Judges for the Immigration “Children”  wonder why it is not done where they crossed the border? hmmmm…….

Some of my family members were in the Home Health Care and medical supply business so this article hits close to home.

Bureauracy hits us in the face again, this time on non-deportations.

It wasn’t just ISIS, the people of Mosul wanted the Christians out.

Obama Administration is going to cut off Healthcare without proof of citizenship or legal residence, this is to over 300,000 people, it is crazy to think this was possible in the first place.

Simon and Schuster imprint rejected book about Bergdahl for political reasons.

A Landrieu campaign flight was charged to the taxpayers.

A Ringside Seat to Our Own Destruction  and it is not pretty.

The New Black Panthers are in Ferguson, Missouri, leading the riots I suspect. And according to KMOX the officer who did the shooting was injured when it happened.

Oh, the irony, Lois Lerner and the IRS.

I may be what kids would call a big meanie but I am linking this mostly for the cartoon it shows.  The cartoon shows the non-existent wisdom of Jimmy Carter.  Read the article too,   I never liked Carter and Reagan’s election in 1980 marked the beginning of my transition from liberal to conservative; one that I suspect occurred for many others as well. Larry Bell, a NewsMax contributor, commenting on the Quinnipiac poll, noted that “Just as with Obama, the Carter administration had inherited a recession and did little to improve a weak economy.”          I was never a liberal, but I was a Democrat and that is when I switched, Jimmy Carter was a terrible president.  Now we have one who is worse.

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