Links and comments, Aug. 14, 2014

This is no surprise, Shadow Campaign-Handful of Activist Responsible for Anti-Limbaugh Campaign.

Major Democratic Donor Supports southern Succession– says we are dumbing down the nation.

Controversy over ISIL flag on home in New Jersey.

Yturria Ranch is arming its employees.

Bureaucracy Versus the Germs.  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Don Surber’s  Political Scoreboard has some good stuff today.  I particularly like #10:  From the Daily Caller: “A popular, twice-a-year concert at Columbia University has been put out to pasture after administrators decided that the event was causing sexual assaults at the school.”
Hysteria wins.
Here’s a thought on campus “rape”: How about banning booze and pot? How about ending co-ed dorms? How about requiring 9 PM curfews and lights out at 10 and no men on the second floor at any time?

From the Washington Free Beacon – Nancy Pelosie,  Tom Steyer’s Hedge Fund,  and a Billion Taxpayer Dollars.

It Doesn’t Matter what You call it, ISIS, ISIL or Islamic State, the extremist brand is winning.

Losing Perspective in Ferguson.

I think the media is trying to foster Hillary’s image as a statesman.

Militarization of the police is  helped by Congress. Since 2006, the Pentagon has distributed 432 mine-resistant armored vehicles to local police departments. It has also doled out more than 400 other armored vehicles, 500 aircraft, and 93,000 machine guns.

You probably won’t see this repeated anywhere but on Breitbart.  Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire who also owns a minority stake in the New York Times reportedly launching an effort to bring every illegal immigrant DREAMER into the workforce.

Islamic State’s (formerly ISIS, ISIL)  shocking barbarity prompt’s calls for world to act.  I guess the UN and the Pope didn’t get Obama’s memo that we didn’t need to help the refugeees. Also the Washington Post doesn’t agree with the assessment, they say help is still needed.

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