Links and Comments, Aug. 15, 2014

Maybe Johnny Can’t Read  because These Workers  Crowd out Teachers.  Half of America’s public school employees aren’t classroom teachers, according to a new study. Instead, they’re non-teaching personnel such as instructional aides, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, secretaries, and librarians.

SWAT Overkill, the Danger of a Para Military Police Force.

Libertarian, Liberal Lawmakers Share Concerns About Police Tactics in Ferguson

Gee, it was all just one big misunderstanding-Federal Agency Blames Confusion for Choking Business Owners Access to Banks. Don’t you see, they just thought they were being threatened with extra audits.

Postal Service Apologizes for denying delivery to Israel

Israel, the White House and Ammunition– a tangled web, you have to read the stories to get it all.  Also be sure to read this.

Does George Soros know something we don’t know about the S&P 500?  or is he just a manipulator causing it to happen?

Where the unused military equipment goes- and how much it has increased in the past few years.  Yes, we withdrew from Iraq and are doing so from Afghanistan. and I suppose it would have gone to ISIS if we had left it ALL there.  The militarization of the police is scary.  After seeing the graph of the states I wonder why they included Texas in the headline.

Krauthammer says Clinton got it right on O’s foreign policy.

Eugene Robinson gets it right on Our Selective Outrage.

David Ignatius says Obama gets it wrong on the Islamic State’s potential to self police. In my opinion they do not even know the meaning of the term.

Historic Cannon Outside the Calbildo Found to be Loaded.  Oh dear, that could have been a big problem.

Cartoon of the day.  from yesterday.

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