Links and Comments, Aug. 18, 2014

If Straus Republicans had voted with Perry he would not have had the now famous  veto.

Texas is one of the top five states given unused military equipment by the U.S. Department of Defense, The Washington Post reports, receiving almost $94 million worth of gear since 2006 under the department’s excess property program.

The Islamic State, as they are not calling themselves, delights in killing anyone, especially Jews, Christians and any other religion, or even a Muslim if he is not to their liking.

Even MSNBC host see the Perry case as very weak.  The judge in the case doesn’t think an arrest warrant is called for.

The Huffington Post reporter who was arrested sort of destroyed his credibility when he thought earplugs were rubber bullets.

Unintended consequences of solar power- cooked birds.

Who is responsible for those anti-Semitic attacks in the the UK and Europe?  one guess.

Anti-semitism rears it’s ugly head in California.

Playing Soldier in the Suburbs,  I worry about playing soldier in my town and yours. How many small towns and cities actually need full on swat teams?

All about Whataburger.  I think I had my first Whataburger in 1952.

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