Links and Comments, Aug. 20, 2014

 Obama’s Rage

Several on the Perry Grand Jury broke the law to explain why they think Perry  broke the law.  Oh, boy!  We knew they were confused but this takes the cake.

EPA bans threaten you and the economy.  It’s true, millions have contracted, and many have died from malaria. On a personal level I was stung by a scorpion, in my own bed, DDT I need you.

Life will be brutish, nasty and short  Newman points to Russian scientists at the Pulkovo Observatory, who “are convinced the world is in for a cooling period that will last for 200-250 years.”

ISIS and Nazi’s:  Atrocities paraded and hidden

The family of Michael Brown, the 18 year old Ferguson, MO man gunned down by police after he robbed a liquor store, is publicly demanding radical New Black Panther Malik Shabazz to leave Ferguson after accusing him of “instigating and hijacking” the protests in reaction to Brown’s death. Two ministers also joined the call.”     I guess they finally figured out all those people were making money on the body of their dead son.

The Meltdown – of Obama’s policies.  Read beyond the first paragraph to get to the meat of the article.

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