Links and Comments, Aug. 25, 2014

It always surprises me when scientists who should know, are surprised at what they find.  In this case methane seeps in the ocean, they should have known they were there, at least they used to.

The Islamic State has been consolidating its fanatical grip on its conquered lands. Besides the innumerable cruelties the militant group has meted out, such as the forced expulsions of Christians and other minorities, mass executions and the murder of religious leaders, it also has been destroying Iraq’s cultural heritage wherever its black banners flutter overhead.

Am I paying Dish Network for ads I don’t want to see?  I know I pay for plenty of programs I don’t watch.  I think I need to have a talk with Dish Network.

That futile rescue attempt of James Foley and others was delayed for a month while Obama dithered.  The father of the man who beheaded Foley  is in a jail in New York, he is a former lieutenant of bin Laden,  according to the article.

A court packing scheme that succeeded for the DC Court of Appeals

The Progressives are very unhappy with Obama – they want a real, honest to God Marxist I think.

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