Links and Comments, Aug. 27, 2014

Top IRS ETHICS Lawyer Facing possible Disbarrment , Accused of Lying and misusing funds from a Personal Injury Settlement.  And this isn’t even related to her IRS job?

 Is Obama planning to stab Israel in the back again?

This liberal has a double standard but he doesn’t see the irony.

Surprise!  Unemployment rate higher than reported – gosh, who knew?

EPA Chief: CO2 regulations are about “Justice” for communities of color.  Never mind that they will sink along with the rest of us.  Liberals/Progressives just don’t live in Realville.

I suspect this is not the first witness tampering done by this senior FBI agent.  We just know about this one.

Ferguson Shows Race Issues are not as Simple as Black and White

Nobody’s Fault – Liberals make excuses for Obama you will enjoy reading this one.

Bye Bye Birdie if they were killed by solar energy no problem, but beware the problem if you are an electric or oil company.

St. Louis County wants the feds (that is you and me) to pay for more than 100 businesses harmed during the Ferguson riots.  via Gateway Pundit.

Decapitating the U S Military

Letting the Cat out of the bag of Public Employee Unions

I couldn’t manage to watch all  this but you might want to –  The folks over at Roll Call have compiled a pretty perfect video of Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-NV) greatest hits. And by “greatest hits,” I mean examples of his tenuous grasp on reality and increasingly frequent senior moments.

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