Links and Comments, Aug. 28, 2014

Heritage Foundation report on why ISIS is a greater threat than Al Queda  ever was.

My nephew in law wrote this about becoming an American, A Scot No More.

Some Feminists do not like the new technology- fingernail polish– that can detect date rape drugs, I kinda, sorta wonder if it is because they might also use date rape drugs.  Am I too cynical?

Rasmussen reports most voters think the Justice Department is motivated mostly by politics.

Two articles in Slate that probably are caused by the same religion and culture. Tsaernaev sister makes bomb threat  and Minnesota father of nine killed fighting for ISIS in Syria.

Democrats would love to see a government shutdown it is the only thing they think will save them.  I am sure the media would be happy to help the Dems with this.

This makes sense to me. I know what the poor in the south looked like in the 1950’s and I know there is no one living like that now. By Global Standards there are no American Poor; all are middle class or better. But I also know there are the down and out poor in America, they are just better off than in third world countries.

Obama’s Immigration decision could roil 2014 election.

Obama’s Hazy Sense of History

“Anymore”  acknowledges that at one time we did -we were the policemen of the world and it worked to the world’s, and our, advantage.

Richard Fernandez on betrayal.  You will want to read this. It begins: My mother remembers how in late 1944 grandpa heard a knock on the door in their apartment in Japanese occupied Manila.  Since he was active in the underground, gramps cautiously peered out and was relieved to see that it was only his compadre.  He hastened to open the door only to see in the shadows beyond his gibbering compadre the dread figures of the Japanese kempeitai. By then it was too late to run and for the next three days, mom and the rest of the family waited at home in despair, knowing he almost certainly never return. But on the fourth day, to their surprise and delight, gramps (then aged 52) staggered back home battered but whole with an extraordinary story.  This will help you understand where this man began and formed his conservative  views.

The $17 billion settlement is a slush fund?  According to this it is.

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