Links and Comments, Aug. 30-31, 2014

They stayed to fight the Islamic State

Let’s stop saying Islamists are fighting “the West”

Obama’s Dept. of Labor has ordered employees not to talk to the Daily Caller

The Night Before  Richard Fernandez is like the prophet crying in the wilderness.  Let us listen to him: “May the farce be with you. Why, oh why is the alarm clock ringing today? There are many reasons. But one no doubt is that the American elite put an empty hat on a pole and ordered everyone who passed to bow down to it, as if bowing were the most natural thing in the world.”

Democrats Lost Male Vote – at last someone turns those polls around, if Republicans lost women’s votes, what about the men?

Apparently John Kerry does at least have a plan, an op ed from the New York Times. To Defeat Terror We Need the World’s Help.  via Tom Macguire at Just One Minute blog.

Who had the Worst Week in Washington?  Mary Landrieu.

Iraqi Forces break militant siege of Shiite town.

A wealth of cartoons here.

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