Links and Comments, Sept. 2, 2014

The Parents of a member of Seal Team Six writes an open letter to the US President–published in a foreign newspaper

Lois Lerner ignored political expenditures by unions.

You may not remember but black leaders from yore- Coretta Scott King and Barbara Jordan were against amnesty back then.

This ad against Mary Landrieu is rough- because it is true and she calls DC her home.   Be sure to watch the video.

I’ve heard the spot “FBI” this week on radio and wondered how much we were paying for that propaganda.

Wow!  this is good, the Israelis do know how to do security.  But apparently we do not. U.S. Authorities Can’t Find 6000 Students whose Visas have expired.

Union Bosses Scramble to Save Democrat AgendaUnions have already spent $70 million to protect the Democrat majority in the Senate. Even this amount is likely to be dwarfed by a flood of money and manpower in the final weeks of the campaign.

The President has been getting updates on what ISIS is doing for a year.  He did know, but he either didn’t know what to do about it or he didn’t care.

Five Feminist myths that will not die

Just in case you need to read any gossip, here’s some on the Shriver (Kennedy)/ Schwarzenegger marriage.  No surprises here.

Immigration Rights-What are They?

This Cartoon hits the nail on the head:

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