Links and Comments, Sept. 9, 2014

IRS and Treasury may be in a “he said she said” situation concerning who told who and what they told.  Apparently the White House knew about the destroyed emails two months before Congress.

The Obama donor prosecuting conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza is being accused of “fostering disrespect for the rule of law” for allegedly failing to enforce a housing desegregation ruling.

A President whose assurances have come back to haunt him.  The author thinks the reality has changed, it has not, it has always been thus, they were looking through liberal colored glasses.

The new Democratic Candidate in Montana is dodging questions about communist ties.

 The Trojan Horse of Campaign Finance Reform

 If you are going to launder money, be very, very careful of where you put your trash.

 Lives for Votes

 Obama’s 97% Climate Change: Debunked, Demolished, Staked through the Heart  What, no silver bullet?

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