Links and Comments, Sept. 12, 2014

John McCain is not too old to learn, or read the polls; whichever caused it he has decided our porous borders could be a major security problem.

THIS IS BIG. The New York Times, the paper of the ultra liberal, is saying Obama acted unconstitutionally.  They seem to think it is a first for him, it is not.

A group helmed by a major donor and policy adviser to Democratic Senate candidate Michele Nunn is under investigation by the Georgia secretary of State for alleged voter fraud.

The Federalist says Ted Cruz was Right – to walk off  that stage in protest.

Federal Judge Rejects Truth Squad Ohio Law for Political Advertising

A Senior Administration Official says Saudi Arabia has an extensive border with Syria, that must be big news to the Saudis and Syrians, as well as the Iraqis and Jordanians.

I hope Mary Landrieu is defeated, she is facing some serious legal problems but in Louisiana that seldome makes a big difference.

In New York Third World Cabbies say expecting them to shower is racist.  Okay….

Watch Each of the last four American Presidents announce we are bombing Iraq

Political Insurance?  Yes, watch Bill Whittle.  via American Watchtower

Carbon dioxide is part of photosynthesis. The only danger to the planet a level of 1,000 parts per million carbon dioxide (more than double what we now have) is a world overrun by kudzu.


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