Links and comments, Sept. 13, 2014

Sometimes the news I read makes me feel so completely helpless.  This did, and then I thought of how helpless the people at the mission in  Benghazi must have felt.  State Department Memos Show Security Guards were Bugging out months before the Benghazi Attack.  

It’s nice to know when the Pope agrees with me. Pope Says Worlds Many Conflicts  Amount to WWIII.  I think we have been in WWIII for a very long time. 

A Kindergarden teacher has had enough of bureaucracy and is standing up for less tests and more teaching time.

I don’t understand why media and Hollywood stars think it is their duty to “flip a district.”  also don’t understand why the Washington Post thinks it their duty to choose which one he should flip. In PowerLine Scott Johnson says Bill Maher Flips his Lid.

Dana Milbank says Ferguson Tragedy is becoming a farce.  When did he first notice that?  It has always been a farce.  If they want to protest let them protest on black killing innocent blacks.

Why is Obama Kicking the ISIS Can Down the Road?  I think we all know the answer but read this rendition of it anyway.

Islamic States Twitter Silence Making News  but then I also found this on– ISIS takes to Twitter to find Mates for Militants.  So Twitter can rest easy it is still being used.

Kerry “Taken Aback” by James Foley’s Mother’s Reaction to Handling of Case.  It wasn’t his son, he wasn’t threatened.  Even the brother is claiming he was threatened by the government.

Uganda Foils Somalia Shebab cell threatening imminent attack on the US.  Al Queda on the run again, running towards attacking the United States in any way possible.

Mob Rule Economics — and politics I might add.  Thomas Sowell, one of my heroes.

Bromides About Bombing  some in depth thoughts on modern warfare.

Flagship German Offshore Windfarm Project Humiliated by Technical Faults.  Who could not have seen this coming.  Well, the Greenies for one.

Silent Coup.  I have wondered why media and others have thought the Senate could pass a bill to change the first amendment.  It takes much more than that to amend our constitution.

What do you know about the volcanoes in Iceland?  They could wreak havoc for years to come.  Watch this video if you really want to be scared.  It is a long one but interesting history.

Revisiting the Real Cause of the 2008 Financial Crash -this is an in depth discussion

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