Links and Comments, Sept. 14, 2014

The Middle East Maze of Alliances– Victor Davis Hanson tries to sort it out for us.

I did not read Bill Bennet’s piece on  Common Core in the Wall Street Journal.  My husband did and related it to me.  I was taken aback when he was so for it, I believed Mr. Bennet needed to talk to some of the people on the many Facebook pages opposed to Common Core. Now this piece in the Washington Post takes him to task for being paid to write the editorial.  When Dick first told me about it I thought Mr. Bennet was badly mistaken, now I know he was paid for a point of view.  Read both and see what you think.

Jihadi tapes reveal a PB&J code in “culinary school”  sounds strange but read it,  they are using a form of code  that reminds me of the Windtalkers of WWII who used their words in code.  This is not as complex but it is devious.

Crazy things Progressives Believe   This doesn’t even begin to get to all of them.

Liberals in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones  Karl Rove and the Koch brothers make small potatoes compared to George Soros and Union money.

A Good Whuppin?  Adrian Peterson child abuse case renews debate  She is saying where did we go wrong; discipline is needed.

Passport and Social Security Number in One Day if You Are Illegal – and it isn’t fair to those who wait so long who are legal.

Now for a little backroom gossip and dot connection on retired General Green who has been selected to co-ordinate the ISIS campaign.  He should hang his head in shame, but he fits right in with the administration.

If you ever want to argue the bigotry of Margaret Sanger here is a very good link to original texts and writings.

The Case of the Mystery Virus – It is as we thought brought to us  at this time from South and Central America.

After 30 years of lies, New York Times Admits “Assault Weapons Are a Myth”

Today’s feel  good story- Wedding photo found in World Trade Center Rubble has found a home

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3 Responses to Links and Comments, Sept. 14, 2014

  1. I regularly listen to Bennett and post links at my blog to the many on air conversations I’ve had with him.
    He may have been paid to write that, but he’s paid to talk on the radio also.
    That doesn’t mean he’s a shill.
    He called for common educationsl standards long before common core because of the disparate levels of expectstions between schools. In his view common core is just a set of standards, not a brand. The left has hijacked it.

  2. And Bill doesn’t do facebook.

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