Links and Comments, Sept. 16, 2014

Misreading Henry Kissinger on Israel.

Migrants in the Mediterranean dying by thousands as they flee turmoil in Libya and Syria

New questions over Obamacare and taxpayer funded abortions.  And in another Obamacare article- from the Hill: The Obama administration announced Monday it will cut off tax subsidies to about 360,000 people if they do not offer proof of their income in the next two weeks.

I have written more than once that while I have an extremely high opinion of Dr. Ben Carson I do not want to see  him run for president, I think he is more qualified to be an above the fray, intelligent man to go to for advice.  I had not thought of this position for him,  Dr. Ben Carson for Vice President.  He is the meaning of gravitas.

3000 US troops headed to Africa to Combat Ebola–  weren’t we told just last week the US was safe.  I can understand volunteers going to help with the outbreak but these are not volunteers. These are American military being sent into harm’s way, no bullets, not bombs, just ebola.

Uh Oh, another Texas grand jury is looking a little less than neutral – Grand Jury that Indicted Peterson was Headed by a Court Official.  Not excusing child abuse if it actually happened, but not excusing partisan grand jury selection either. We can see that happened/

Some liberals talking about the Barbour control in Mississippi.

ISIS makes $3Million per day from oil, human trafficking.

Super PAC contributing to Harry Reid is full of “dark money.”  no big surprise here.

Gore’s Latest “24 Hours of Reality” Promotes Tragic Mistake– Al Gore IS a tragic mistake.  The question is why would anyone believe he knows about real science.

Irony, almost funny, but too serious to be funny. Co-founder of Microsoft  Paul Allen has dumped hundreds-of-thousands of dollars into anti-gun campaigns and now, he’s the proud owner of a WWII Nazi tank.

NOTE:  Bill Bennet Addressed the Common Core on his talk show yesterday.  Thanks to Ed Bonderenka for the link.

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