Links and Comments, Sept. 20, 2014

Operation Chokepoint: The  DOJ is threatening banks with audits 

J.Christian Adams discussion of the Obama political machine’s CATALIST database provides a peek into “Big Data” as applied to politics.

Former Obama Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta told CBS News that some U.S. troops should have remained in Iraq. Panetta spoke with Scott Pelley in a segment that aired Friday.

Guess which party?  No need to read but these were the headlines:  Politician accused of dropping pants; racial slurs, dropping out of  race.  Democrat, of course.

The Koch Brothers are the whip Democrats are using, why aren’t the Republicans naming big names like Soros?  Last night in the Texas Governor debate Wendy managed to work in the name Koch Brothers.  And BTW after watching her on the debate I realize why some call her Barbie.

Domestic violence no one talks about.

We are nowhere near Peak Biden – peak number of gaffes, that is.

This is sad. The insurance policy on a Navy Seal killed in Benghazi won’t pay benefits to his family.

Seven minutes in September  media bias in black violence

Debbie Wasserman Shulz- latest member of Obama’s war on women?

Multiculturalism is a Failure–Germany, what was your first clue?

An Environmental Researcher in  Mexico is not pleased with the wind farms.  She says it is riddled with absolute corruption.

After Declaring War on the Tea Party Karl Rove Frets GOP establishment candidates not getting enough donations – unintended consequences of abdominal actions.   I now a lot of people who say they will  never donate to the party again;  Individual candidates yes;  party, no.   What in the world did he think would happen?  We as tea partiers turned the House, we could turn the Senate too, but they spent millions defeating tea party candidates.  Mississippi comes to mind.  That was a travesty.

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