Links and Comments, Sept. 21, 2014

Common Core Architect Reveals Agenda Behind Curriculum

Harry Reid: Busted!  a one minute video of a hypocrit.

A Democrat stating Climate Science is Not Settled   a brave man.  This is the Wall Street Journal. If you cannot get to it because of the pay wall read this.  There are excerpts.

And from Just One Minute’s Tom Maguire we get this  The Science was Settled, except… Reforestation Raises Global Warming?  It’s the Co2 doncha know?  Or not.

Former State  Dept official says Maxwells Benghazi statement rings true

Eight ways the Obama administration is blocking information.

Indoctrination by ESPN  as far as I am concerned it is hard to be indoctrinated by something you never watched, but because of what is going on with ESPN violence against those who are partnered with NFL and other sportspersons are all over the news cycles.  I consider it a great distraction while the president is doing something they don’t want us to talk about.

Does Obama have a grand coalition, any any coalition at all?

The curious tale of Mohamed Elibiary, the Obama administration’s go-to “moderate Islamist” for counterterrorism advice

The Washington Post says Texas has become epicenter of conservative movement

An antidote for the heroin epidemic?

A petition to let the White House fence jumper live in the White House.  Surely it is satire, but with a very good point.  Why let illegals live in this country when they have jumped our fence, so to speak?

Incompetence at the State Dept is the charitable explanation, but the article does not really give them credit for incompetence  but instead reveals the real motive.

The French have a word they are calling ISIS and ISIS doesn’t like it.  This article has both a video and text, be sure to click the off button on the video if you don’t want to listen to it.

Rand Paul Blisters Obama and Clinton, Calls for GOP Diversity  he certainly caught the attention of the LA Times.

The Wisconsin Democratic candidate for governor caught plagiarizing, fires the consultant she said wrote it.  I doubt it will make much difference to the Democrats in Wisconsin, they are not very particular as long as the name Democrat is attached.

Margaret Sanger, The War Years.  She never gave up on killing babies.

60,000 to 100,000 Thousand Kurds flee ISIS Genocide in Syria

I THINK IT’S IMPORTANT THAT THEY DO: Will Tea Party, GOP establishment be ‘mending fences’ to win Senate in November? If Dems control the Senate, Obama will pack the Supreme Court, and you can bet Harry Reid will go nuclear on it.  from Instapundit, (I agree with him.  I don’t like what the establishment GOP did in Mississippi or Kansas but I hope and pray the GOP candidate prevails, we need the Senate.}

I don’t know how many of you, like me, are over 75 but Ezekiel Emanuel, the godfather of Obamacare, thinks we are selfish for living, getting flu shots, taking antibiotics or anything else that benefits our life or quality of life. 

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