Links and Comments, Sept. 22, 2014

More than you probably wanted to know about Lois Lerner

Oops. Hillary surely didn’t want these letters with Alinsky made public

Three Afghan military officers training in Cape Cod are missing  this is in addition to the  two who went missing last week.   I think I see a pattern here.  The two from last week have been found. 

The West and National Identity  and in case you hadn’t heard, Texas has its own secessionists.

How soon we forget the veteran who attacked the White House 

The Clique of the Climate Angst just rallied in New York but they didn’t pick up their trash  They were politically motivated but not very environmentally motivated when it came to their own garbage.

Meet John Feehery, perhaps the worst GOP establishment consultant ever  surely it is impossible to be worse than Karl Rove.  On the other hand maybe Karl just has greater name recognition.

Starving Children? Blame the Parents

On CBS This Morning their in-house Dr responds to Dr. Emanuel who plans to die, or at least stop fighting  it off, at age 75.

Eric Holder was a radical in his youth, I think he still is.

Have you heard of Sylvia Thompson, a black conservative columnist?  I was sent a column of hers and looked her up.  She has written many great columns.  Take a look.


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