Links and Comments, Sept 24, 2014

I have a twitter account but rarely use it.  Liberals use it as rude Gatling gun to go after Republicans and conservatives.  They have been trying to get Rush Limbaugh’s  sponsors to drop him.

Ah ha, the media also has domestic violence.  Funny, they didn’t mention that.

An Unusually Vivid Reminder of What a Shmuck Biden is.  Not my words but I thought he put it pretty well.

Targeting the Constitution  — by the IRS

What Obama could Learn from George W. Bush About War

This is eugenics induced by narcissism.

U S is Carrying out VAST MAJORITY of Strike on ISIS, Military Officials say.

White House press pool is coverage is often changed to suit the White House

I suspect this happened as reported.  He is on the side of the muslims.


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