Sept. 27, 2014

The Mein Khampf of Jihad

Did you remember Holder was the one who pushed through the Marc Rich pardon? I had not seen that Marc Rich died last week.

In my opinion it is really dumb to hide out where you have no place left to run. 

The Republicans are being mean to Holder?  What they said when Alberto Gonzales left.

Eric Holder’s Original Sin  that would be the first one of THIS administration, don’t forget he has been in politics a long, long time.  Another  Eric Holder’s 7 Worst Actions as Attorney General.  Legal Insurrection goes way back and says when you remember Eric Holder think of Elian Gonzales.  Disturbingly still at it, Holder says no death penalty for three drug dealers who tortured their victim.

Workplace violence? No a jihadist strikes in the heartland.  Do you think there may be a re-think on priorities in Homeland Security?   

The Khorasan groups does not exist.  It is Al Queda.

I know war is not funny but this article does bring a laugh at the liberals.

Bill Whittle has some good news this week.


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