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The War On Women-  Republican women, that is.

‘Death doctor’ who profited from unnecessary chemotherapy for fake cancers could resume practice in 5 years  in Michigan,  call me an Islamaphobe but guess what his name is.

Nine Attempts to explain the crazy complexity of the Middle East.  I used to read the blogger mentioned in this article, it was during the run up to the Shock and Awe campagin and the first part of the Iraqi war (dare I use that word war?) The Big Pharoah knew a lot about what was going on that we did not hear.  I think now he mostly uses twitter.  He also write for influential magazine and newspapers.

Monday, however, the Supreme Court halted the start of the Ohio’s early voting  Gee, now that’s a shameBy Husted’s logic, Ohio still remains one of the states with the most expansive early-voting provisions. So why are voting-rights advocates still so concerned? The changes target the very times — evenings, Sundays and well in advance of Election Day — when minorities and the poor (groups more likely to lean Democratic) are often able to vote. These are the times when people who can’t leave work during the day may cast ballots. They’re the times when churches in black communities lead Sunday “souls to the polls” voting drives.    It’s going to be hard for the churches to get out the Democratic vote now.  I’m betting they will find a way.

Texas Appeals Court Upholds DeLay Reversal – after how many years and a Democratic takeover?  The same tactic being used against Governor Perry, will it work as well?

The Democrat’s Biggest Worry:  Obama’s Fall from Grace with his Base.  We can only pray this happens with enough of that base.

I can only ask, Have They No Shame?  Apparently the answer is no. This will be the THIRD time this cop killer has given a commencement speech!

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