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I’ve been busy with first being ill and then having a houseguest for 10 days.  My dear friend left for home this morning so I am back doing my political thing.

Allen West highly recommends this man, Morad Fiki.

This will come as no surprise to any of us.  Valerie Jarrett involved in IRS scandal.  I would be surprised  if it turned out she was not involved.

Dueling Democrats-  the Hillary side, the Obama side.

An Apology to Sgt. Albert Marle for the episode in which they would not hang up his dress blue jacket because he was not in first class.

Susan Rice on ebola- the rest of the world hasn’t done enough.  Oh, so that is why we aren’t keeping those who might have it from coming to America.  In the meantime the New York Times is telling us how to quarantine, or something.

A Supreme Court, not Supreme Wisdom

Ebola Threatens Chocolate-  and you thought it wasn’t serious.  Why would they even write this tripe.

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