Links and Comments, Oct. 15, 2014

The New York Times is finally admitting they found the WMD’s in IRAQ, or is it just the Pentagon finally admitting it?

Factchecker says it is absurd to blame only Republicans for budget cuts to CDC and NIH.

Been There? Done That?  October 2014 Chaotic? Consider October 1944 With the right leaders we come out on top.

Doctors without Borders has suffered some severe losses to ebola.  

 Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor has privately told gay rights activists he supports a redefinition of marriage to include gay and lesbians unions.  They just never know where a James O’Keefe video is coming from next.  Truth will out.

Amber Jay Vinson, the second nurse to be diagnosed with Ebola, was on a flight from Cleveland, Ohio, to Dallas just hours before she was hospitalized with the deadly disease. Apparently she loves her family so much she had to share ebola with them.  Harsh?  She should have known better.  I would not have allowed my family or anyone else near me if I thought I might get such a disease.

And relating to the scary ebola history I sent yesterday, it seems some health centers in the USA have better research and memories than the CDC.

Top Army general says US Army has been cut too much to take on ISIS, Russia and everything else happening today.

It looks like McConnell make be the victor in the Kentucky senate race.

Obama actually CANCELLED a fund raising to have an ebola meeting with his cabinet.  Now that is scary.

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