Links and Comments, Oct. 16, 2014

This may be part of the tribal memory I believe we have lost. Spanish Flu, who (besides we who are really old) knows what that even means?

Jim Little contributed this: US Army Handbook from 2011 documents ebola as an airborne disease.

Victor Davis Hanson addresses the issue of What Defines Hispanic.  I have personal knowledge of this, I have a Spanish surname, yet I was not raised in an “Hispanic” culture.  This is true of many.  Spanish surnames have been in the US since the beginning, yet many of those are culturally not of any Hispanic trait, if there is such a thing. Many in Louisiana who are Cajuns actually have Spanish surnames and one of the most Cajun towns is New Iberia. But VDH says it much better than I can.

Richard Fernandez  explains Obama is unknowingly playing the old Space Invaders game and doesn’t realize it is game over.  I have heard from my children and some of their cousins that Obama is explained by the fact that he didn’t watch Scooby Doo.  Meaning he isn’t really an American.  Fernandez explains much the same thing using an early video game all the same kids played.

Not enough to worry about?  How about having the poles flip?

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