Links and Comments, Oct. 22, 2014

I’ve been in the Texas Hill Country, way out in the country with no internet access or national news , so of course no Fox news, and had not heard this.  You all probably have.  I guess Wendy hasn’t heard about the huge number of “inter-racial” marriages in Texas.  Actually Hispanic is a term describing a person’s probable nationality based on the languages they speak , and not their DNA.  And by the way, shouldn’t she know Abbott is married to an Hispanic?  I think she is of Mexican descent.

Apparently Houston’s Lesbian mayor has a surprise in store.  We still have a constitution that guarantees freedom of speech and religion.

Had you heard we continued to send social security payments to the NAZI guard who was expelled some years ago?

The Real Story on How Much Obamacare Increased Coverage

Ferguson Protestors Chase CNN reporter and cameraman from scene .  Of course I would not have seen any CNN coverage because my provider, Dish Network, has taken them and their other programs off air while negotiations are ongoing.  I am certainly with Dish Network in this dispute, I really don’t care if I never see CNN again, because I didn’t watch them anyway.

The guerilla filmmaker, James O’Keefe has exposed how voter fraud is both easy and condoned in Colorado.    From the Dems: “Voter Fraud?  What voter fraud?”

And yet they don’t seem to equate abortions today with eugenics.  When Racism was a Science

Ocean Acidification, the Terrible Little Brother of Global Warming

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