If we didn’t have Sharyl Attkinson who would be telling us the truth?  Support her and buy her book.  I’m planning to.  Unlike some sites, I get no payment from Amazon for any links.

Is ALL already lost? Could Non Citizens Decide the November Elections?

Denmark tries a soft-handed approach to returned Islamist fighters  What fools they are, they are using the Obama method of leading by following.

We have a troubled CPS in Texas.  They are known to overreact in some cases but  in this tragic case they did not react at all.

There’s No Place LIke Utopia  I hope to see this documentary.

The Hunter Biden Chronicles – by Michelle Malkin – the complete story and tell all.

 That Houston Mayor is disgusting – First, she demanded local churches fork over their sermons to her office.
Um… Sorry, Mayor Parker, that’s unconstitutional. Then Thursday, she was caught lying about her daughter’s driver’s license.

Sharyl Attkisson Questions CDC Over Ebola-Bioterror Safeguards – “They Didn’t Have an Answer”

Twice Deported as a drug dealer he came back and killed two deputies in California.

This nurse from Texas thinks she shouldn’t be quarantined after taking care of ebola patients in Africa.   I call that elitism. I hope she doesn’t come down with ebola but in the meantime I don’t want her walking, flying and spreading it if she does.  She should know better.

Have you heard about the judge in North Carolina who resigned rather than marry same sex couples?

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