Links and Comments, Oct. 27, 2014

How Much DO those fundraising trips cost the taxpayer?  I would like to know.

Cuomo has backtracked on quarantines for health workers but Christie has held firm.  Common sense and history of quarantines (history of  disease control by quarantines is  science, in fact) have left our common memory.  Since I started this post, Christie has been forced to let the nurse go home.

The true reason gas prices are falling – shhh…. don’t tell the Democrats or for sure don’t tell the President , we wouldn’t want to disturb their world view.

Our Southern border problems are also Canada’s problem.  

A little common sense may be behind this,  US Soldiers who have been in LIberia are being monitored in Italy.

Gov’t  Studies  show flu shots in elderly not effective after all.  I haven’t had my flu shot yet this year, I think I might just skip it.  I did get very sick after my first flu shot and did not get another for about 5 years after that.

The Family Deficit  one of the saddest commentaries of life as it is today.

This shows that Hillary Clinton can and does read the polls.

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