Links and Comments, Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014

She Wore Pink Sneakers  I love the first paragraph of this essay: This is a great week for moving-van operators in D.C. Hundreds of Democrat solons and their considerable staffs are going to find out if you really can go home again as they desperately, and probably futilely, scramble to find slots in lobbying firms and in what is ridiculously dubbed “public interest” outfits to stay here.

In May of this year I wrote on my blog – We Need Leaders, Some with Ideas, Some with Action today in National Review Charles C. W. Cooke presents the same idea – Conservatives Should Stop Searching for a Hero.  I know probably a hundred thousand or more will read his essay,  a great many more than read mine.  I am happy for that  as I think we are way too desperate for a leader.  Here is how Cooke says it: My colleague Jay Nordlinger likes to gripe that “you should run for president” is uttered far too swiftly on the right nowadays, the injunction tending to follow almost every instance of public-facing conservative competence. A man has made an impressive speech, full of critiques of which you approved? He should be president! A governor is doing well in a state that is usually run by the other side. Shouldn’t he be our commander-in-chief?

If you read this remember as you do, the New York Times is a liberal newspaper that has a vested interest in causing dissension in the Republican Party.   This is from Breitbart: NYT: GOP Establishment Gears up for Civil War Against Tea Party.  We saw this in the primaries when the Haley Barbour and Karl Rove groups went after Tea Party candidates.

The Sun Ain’t  Gonna Shine Anymore.

From Don Surbers blog:



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