November 11th, Veterans Day, a day of remembrance for many, those of the past and the present.

My sister who has occasionally blogged here as Concerned Conservative posted this on Facebook this morning:

2 Samuel 23 records the names of 37 mighty warriors who served King David and united the kingdoms of Judah and Israel approximately 2800 years ago. There are mighty warriors of ancient times in secular history as well . The mighty warriors of our day are honored in a few hours. GOD BLESS THEM! They are truly selfless servants! Thank you, Vets, for our freedom!

My youngest sister posted this:

What can I say? All of you who served our country, and those who are still serving, THANK YOU!

When I was young, Veterans Day was a day of honor to all the soldiers who served the USA, just like it is today. There was one older-than-the-usual dad who visited the school, in his Spanish-American War uniform. (I was in elementary school.) Mama always spoke of my uncles who served in France, and The Pacific, my Navy brother in Korea, and then at Guantanamo when the Cubans turned off the water, and a lot more things happened there, too. I remember watching Krushev pound his shoe on the podium, looking into the camera, and telling this child, he was going to bury America. From a big family, come lots of stories: a brother – in-law building rockets in Alabama; a brother-in-law on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific; another Navy brother on a submarine; boyfriends off to Vietnam, some dying, and some coming home; marrying a man serving in the Coast Guard; a nephew in Desert Storm; nephew in the Air Force; a nephew who flies jets and harriers today; my own son a marksman in the Army who became a journalist in Bosnia. And still, more nephews serving today.

Somebody has to do it. Somebody has to protect the innocent families and home life of the peaceful. Somebody has to pick up arms and defend what’s right. And now, the young women go to war, too. That increases the heaviness of war.
Today, Peace.

There is nothing I can say that puts it any better. The first post is by my twin sister, who is of course my age, and we remember WWII well, the second post from the youngest sister and child, is from an age 12 years younger than ours, a very different perspective, but very valid.

And now the links and comments for Veterans Day, Nov, 11, 2014

The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee sent a letter to the head of the National Science Foundation (NSF) on Monday, demanding answers about the origins of the nearly $1 million taxpayer-funded project to track “misinformation” on Twitter.

Border Patrol Taking Agents Rifles

Have you ever been called a Neanderthal?  It might have been a compliment.  The Neanderthal Connection.

Unfortunately the stupidity of the American people was shown by the ones in the Congress who voted for the Affordable Care Act.  On the other hand “Jonathan Gruber, MIT professor and so-called architect of Obamacare, is walking back year-old remarks that the health care system overhaul passed only because of a “lack of transparency” and the “stupidity of the American voter.”  Funny how he didn’t walk the remark back until the video went viral.

Ruben Navarette  says Latinos are not a “Cheap Date” for Democrats anymore.

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