Links and comments, Nov. 12, 2014

Wow!  I need to find a better known news source for this but this looks legitimate The UN really put down the parents of Michael Brown in a rather crude way.

Moves by some U.S. states to legalize marijuana are not in line with international drugs conventions, the U.N. anti-narcotics chief said on Wednesday  this one is from Reuters so I feel confident it is true.

Sullivan has been declared the winner in Alaska – but Begich hasn’t conceded.

FCC chief splits with Obama on Rules for the Web

Dana Milbank says the president’s advisers go too easy on him– he’s right.

Katrina vanden Hueevel is feeling a little bit bitter herself — Republicans will now taste their bitter harvest.

Some Democrats seem to be realizing that Obamacare really is in trouble.  

I find it hard to believe anyone would even think presidential candidate at the same time as thinking of Bernie Sanders, let alone think it would be good for Democrats.

Ted Cruz was right about Net Neutrality it is a little bit like Obamacare after all.

 Democrat think tank asks for all hands on deck to sell Iran deal to public-

A Texas teacher who posted a profanity-filled tweet over the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. — telling those who disagreed with her to “kill themselves” — is being fired, school officials said Monday.

Another Gruber video, a third one. He must be the stupid one, he really didn’t know to keep his thoughts to himself.

Being Anti-energy is being Anti-humanity – I agree.

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