Links and Comments, Nov. 13, 2014

One of the other reasons we had to have Obamacare – 42% of new medicaid signups are immigrants and their children.  that includes legal and illegal.  Also, Most of new Obamacare insured are on Medicaid, reports says

Aaron Blake in the Washington Post says A veto of the Keystone Pipeline could be pretty unpopular.  I wonder what his first clue was.  In the body of the article is this: “In fact, basically the only group that opposes it is the most liberal of Democrats.”  WE could have told them that years ago.

Have you heard about the Truman Project?– liberals protest in an organized way.  I am reading  Sheryl Attkinson’s book and wether it was this group or another the same tactics have been used against her as well as many right wing writers and talk show hosts.

President Obama fears Potential Political Ferguson Fallout  too late,  he should have thought of that when the rabble rousers showed up and killed the town.

Details Leak of Obama’s Illegal Illegal Immigrant plan – that repeated word has a meaning, his plan is illegal concerning illegals.

Denver cold shatters record low and high –  from 1882.  Baby it’s cold outside.

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