Links and Comments, Sunday Nov.16, 2014

This doesn’t reflect well on Texas Republicans – Private emails from Speaker Joe Straus’s office reveal war against conservatives.   Language warning.

Illegals and the law or lack of enforcement thereof.

Oregon Immigration vote is a warning for Obama

The Progressives War on Suburbia – I have heard this argument from a liberal member of my extended family, cities are more efficient according to them. They argue that apartment housing is more efficiently heated, cooled and mass transportation is the way to go.  I have argued back that they become increasingly dependent on transportation and the water and food supply; things happen to interfere with those, natural and manmade disasters happen frequently.  This article explains the politics of it.

The Great Immigration Betrayal

President Obama has no sense of shame on lying or in lying about lying.  Unbelievable.

The United Arab Emirates Designates Two American Muslim Groups as Terrorist Organizations

Gruber- a profit maker corrupt to the core

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