Links and Comments, Nov. 17, 2014

I can’t believe Chris Cillizza could write this without mentioning all the Obama, Gruber, Pelosi and other liberal lies. (well, he is liberal, so I guess I can)    Want to understand why nothing gets done in Washington? It’s a trust thing.

Okay, so there is this – Muslim leader at National Cathedral, We Condemn Persecution of Christians.

Interesting- It was George W. Bush Who Slowed the Rise of the Oceans – a little tongue in cheek truth telling.

Powerline’s John Hinderaker on Grubergate.

I expect you’ve all heard about this– CNBC asked a female journalist not to disrespect the president by telling the truth.

The Great Immigration Betrayal

via Instapundit:

New CBO study shows that ‘the rich’ don’t just pay their ‘fair share,’ they pay almost everybody’s share.

RIP Dr. Martin Salia. But what if this had happened to the Ebola Nurse (I will not dignify her with her name) Colleagues hugged him after Ebola test came back negative. But it was wrong.

I love this play on words, I haven’t read the article. I did not mislead America with that man, Jonathan Gruber.

And that is enough for today!

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