Links and Comments, Dec. 3, 2014

I wish this lady well in her endeavors  Virginia Farmer Hopes to get Conservation Group off her back  Read the whole thing to see the extent to which she has been harassed by the conservation people and others, including state officials, who wanted to drive her off the farm and put it in another person’s hands.

There is more than one way to enter the US illegally from Mexico, fishing boats from Mexico are really not new in US waters.

Does this article on the recent immigration action by President Obama make you as disgusted as it makes me? The GOP’s Symbolic Fight Against Immigration

Another Democrat is admitting the ACA was a mistake.  Maybe Reid and Pelosi have finally lost their clout.

Black racist and communist group plotted bombing assassination but charged with gun crime.

The National Science Foundation has been allowing some very strange use of funds.  Ignore the video, read the article.

More of the same double standard, diss the daughters and make front page news if you are a Republican,  sexual misconduct charges, page A5 if you are a Democrat.

Study shows the three most liberal occupations are Academia, Entertainment Media and News Media, no shock to any of us.

Another “no surprise here”  20% of applicants for Obama’s deferred action are fraudulent, AND  all of them have been registered to vote Democrat.  And as I like to end on a joke or good news, this would be the joke, but it is on us.

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