Links and Comments, Dec. 5, 2015

The Republican Party took a lesson from Gruber– do not be deceived, this bill does not defund or anything else.  ” This has court implications as well. Boehner supposedly will sue the Administration over its power-grabs. However, Congress has the power itself to delimit executive overreach — through its power of the purse, of course.”   The Daily Caller has this Top GOP Leader Promises Total Amnesty  in 2015.

And is it really just a “Head Fake”- Obama never signed Amnesty Order– either one.

Who is leading and financing the ORC Army of the Left?  – the same ones who provided these? Communist Chant Sheets distributed at NCY  Eric Garner protests

Income Inequality is greatest in the Liberal states.

Poor Girl she knows she has to spout banalities instead of the truth.  or as they say, Truth will out.

Study shows boys may actually be meaner than girls…..   Should I say un huh or Duh, here?

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