Links and comments, Dec. 6, 2014

I knew the bees were in good shape around our house,  a little junk politicized science behind their disappearance elsewhere.  If Bjørn Lomborg is on facebook I guess everyone is.

Just had to link this because for one thing, it is a great post headline, from Great Britain of course. Onward Marches the Great Pause.  Warning: there is actual science with charts involved.

Is the Obama administration walking back some extreme policies?  Maybe.  DHS will still be allowed racial and ethnicity profiling at airports and along the border.  A perfect place for that, it seems to me.

An editorial in the San Antonio Express News says ICE Doesn’t Make Us Secure.

I really don’t want Mary Landrieu to win in Louisiana but there are so many stories in the media that are dissing  her I do feel sorry for her.  Her family has run its course in Louisiana politics and how was she to know?  She is like the immigrant children brought to America when very young, a dreamer who believes she should have what is rightfully hers, even though it isn’t rightfully hers. Landrieu delusional as time runs out.  Also read The Last Days of Democrat Politics are Here.  Old, ex-con Edwin Edwards can’t believe it has happened either.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is back on the bench after a hospital stay where doctors implanted a stent — another health scare for the octogenarian and two-time cancer survivor.

The latest jobs report – lies, more lies, and how to lie with statistics.

Smoking gun video of Michael Brown’s stepfather saying “I’m going to start a riot.”

Ethel the Grizzly Bear is trying to find her home, she has traveled over 3000 miles while looking for it.

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