Links and Comments, Dec. 11, 2014

Correction on yesterday’s bad link The New Congress must save the USA from the EPA.

Along those same lines is this article in, EPA Deception Exposed,energy prices dropping, NYTimes panics.

About the waterboarding, so called torture report, I think I have a new candidate for that treatment; ISIS offers to sell beheaded body of Foley to his parents for $1,000,000.  On second thought we need to use Saddam’s torture methods on them.  Do I sound mean and thoughtless, I don’t think so.  The Torture reports one glaring weakness.  They knew, they did nothing, they approved, and not they are angry and vindictive.

Congressional liberals rebelled Wednesday against a must-pass spending bill that would keep the government open past midnight Thursday,  Elizabeth Warren is leading the charge.

Kathleen Sebelius thinks a name change would help Obamacare.  Sorry, Kathleen, the name is not the problem.

Pentagon Considering (re) Deployment of Missiles in Europe.

What’s in the Bill?  The Washington Post skims it for you.  A smoke filled room?

Dana Milbank thinks it is a fine thing to hog tie Ted Cruz, I don’t.  If you want to see a real revival of the Tea Parties watch the GOP establishment try to keep them down.

What if Obama had been honest?  What a concept!  He WAS definitely honest in the change he wanted and he has achieved it, much to his shame.

Ann Althouse asks an important question What’s the bigger number: dollars in the national debt or pieces of plastic floating in the ocean.  Well, for one thing we can compute the national debt but we can only speculate about the plastic in the ocean.  My liberal son recently sailed from the Upper Chesapeake to the British Virgin Islands and much to the surprise of him and others on the boat they saw NO PLASTIC.

If you want to know what the real rape statistics are, read this article.


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