Links and Comments, Dec. 16, 2014

Ted Cruz strikes back:  Too Many Republicans Willing to be Complicit.

Tim Scott: Why Marriage Matters in fighting poverty.

 From one of my favorites -Victor Davis Hanson- Epitaph for Hope and Change

PhD’s and other false Gods – I almost didn’t link this because my husband is a PhD and I have often accused him of having PhD syndrome, but in truth PhD’s are not really what Dennis Prager is talking about in this article. He is writing of the many false gods we have in our culture, most of which are not recognized by many as being what is worshipped.  Read his essay and fill in the blanks as to what your personal false gods may be.

Politifact has definitely shown its partisanship.

Sometimes you have to go way off the mainstream to get the true facts of a story, this one on Ted Cruz gives some facts.  Another take on it here.  And from American Spectator this one.  It did lead to this- Nominee for Norwegian ambassador withdraws his name after Reid did not raise it when he did the other nominees.

An interview with the man who found the Gruber videos.  This explains some of the major flaws of the ACA.

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