Links and Comments, Dec. 18, 2014

Free Society vs. Fear Society   one of my Facebook friends who lives in Philadelphia posted this link. I agree.  “So this issue isn’t a stupid comedy. It is free people having the freedom to express themselves in a free society. …..If we don’t have a free society, we have a fear society….. Remember the last lines of our National Anthem: “The land of the free and the home of the brave.”.  ”

This NIH study was started in 2000, it never really got off the ground; President Bush tried to stop it; now it is finally pulled after wasting $1.3 Billion

Obama didn’t spread the wealth, he concentrated it: according to a Pew study.

Vermont abandons single payer plans because it is too expensive – reality hit.  While you are at the Townhall site check out the other headlines, too.

The Washington Post editorial board does not approve the  Obama Cuban policy

Stephen Colbert – his Democrat Party Friends say Thank You.

Big Lots has closed it store in Ferguson – it’s a shame the nice people in Ferguson have to live amongst the thugs.

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