Links and Comments, Dec. 21, 2014

Worst Case Scenario comes true for deBlasio – I think he and his co-horts, Obama, Sharpton and their ilk, have blood on their hands in this case.  They have encouraged and excused the so called protests which in reality are riots, one of which even chanted “dead cops.”  A line of cops turned their backs on deBlasio as he entered the press conference.  He should have had better sense than to treat those who are supposed to protect him as if they were all bad.  Sharpton is trying to look good, too.  Sorry Mr. Sharpton your hands are bloody in this.

A pair of hero Con Ed workers risked their lives in confronting the monster who assassinated a pair of cops in Brooklyn — who otherwise might have escaped if not for their bravery.

Hillary Clinton could suffer a serious case of Kennedy deja vu if she makes another presidential run.

Four decades after Congress passed a law forcing the relocation of two Native American tribes, some families have yet to receive the government benefits they were promised in exchange for leaving their homes.

The Greens have control of New York State.

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