Links and Comments, Dec. 26, 2014

Darrell Issa’s Final IRS report

Brilliant sleuthing uncovers violent protestors – or actually just a little seaching can do it

Who started NYC dead cops chant?

Obama’s nominee for pentagon post implicated in alleged theft of CIA documents

IRS Malfeasance or coincidence – you be the judge

Mastermind of the school attack has been killed in Pakistan.

At least Seven have been charged with threats against the NYC police since the murders of two policemen.

Let’s be honest about the Mideast

Iraqi ISIS governor of Mosul is killed in coalition airstrikes.

Evidence discovered that ‘ocean acidification’ scare may be as fraudulent as ‘global warming’ apparently a graduate student has figured out what my husband has been saying all along. Modeling is one thing, science based on facts is another.

Judge Laura Johnson was at it again, freeing a cop-punching man, Travis Maye, a day after letting a man who made death threats against NYPD officers off without bail

American Airlines really wanted everyone to have a Merry Christmas, and they didn’t want to be argued with about it.

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