This is a reply I wrote to an E. J. Dionne column To a Healthier Democracy  in the Washington Post”: This country has been extremely divided and vocal about that division since 2000. While Bush was president there were so many High C moments they were finally called BDS, or Bush Derangement Syndrome. On what planet would it not follow that when the next president of a different political persuasion was elected he would not have the same invectives thrown at him. It has nothing to do with race but everything to do with the political divisions in this country. Hate is a mild word for what is happening on both sides. It is no longer just directed at presidents but at senators, representatives and lay people of both parties.

Allen West posts about Quite Possibly the Most Racist Article You Will Ever Read,  and then he posts the article – Still Liberal After All These Years- In Confessions of a Public Defender, who is a black man.  I read them both, I am not sure I would paint all blacks with the same brush as this black man does.  Obviously he is not one of those he is writing about, I know blacks who are not those.  I do believe there is an underclass and it may be true of them, it may be a genetic thing.  We hear the saying “cream rises to the top” and in this case this is what is left at the bottom of the bottle, so to speak.

Obama Frustrated Dems didn’t Run on His Great Record.  So am I, it would have been a true landslide.

Joe Biden deserves respect for the eloquent and heartfelt speech he gave at the memorial service for the NYC policemen who were murdered.

The Democrats seem to have the same problems as the Republicans, they do not know their voters anymore.

“Hate Crimes” seem to be in the mind of the beholders, yet we know a hate crime when we see it.

Links and Comments Dec. 28, 2014

The Revenge President this has been the end game of the entire Obama presidency from the start. The re-election of 2012 was crucial, for without it the entire scheme would have collapsed. They — campaign guru David Axelrod and the others who foisted Obama on the body politic — had to get him to this point in order for the plan of rule-by-fiat to be fully operational.

When you absolutely think mind over matter works you think more on Medicaid means you should cut what doctors get paid to treat them.

Lobbyists and Attorneys General

Some of the  fires set in Ferguson were started by the media’s “peaceful protestor.”

Apparently the Secret Service has been declining since 9/11, when they were given so many added duties and  transferred from Treasury to the Dept of Homeland Security.   The changes set in motion during that critical period after 2001 led to a slow, steady slide in quality, leaving an agency that, according to a DHS report released on Dec. 18, is “stretched to and, in many cases, beyond its limits.”

Jeb Bush Owns Common Core

The 16 Crazy Democrats GQ could not find.  In a survey of the “Craziest Politicians of 2014,” GQ had difficulty locating any Democrats. Seventeen out of 20 on the list were Republicans, with the only liberals being Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson and America’s reigning nabob of nuttiness, Joe Biden. ……In a note appended to the story, GQ defensively said it wasn’t guilty of “standard liberal-media bias,” it just couldn’t find any loony Democrats to speak of.  Now I find that crazy. And this didn’t even list crazy Al Sharpton, either.


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