Happy 2015!!

Richard Fernandez gives us reason to hope – Rare Events.  The world is not as bad as the evening news.

Bragging Rights?  It is a strange and imperfect world we live in when Planned Parenthood brags they killed 327,653 babies in 2014.  The report also reveals that Planned Parenthood actually provided fewer contraceptives — 3,577,348 patients in fiscal 2014 compared to 3,724,558 in fiscal 2013.  The truth is contraceptives are easy to obtain, and they certainly make more profit on the abortions.

Steven Scalise didn’t speak to that group after all, according to this and to this. Will you read it in the Washington Post or the New York Times?  I doubt it.  They did actually admit no one could find that Christie actually knew about the bridge closing, but not in big headlines.

Some of these jihadis are not very smart.

I do not believe Jeb Bush should run for president, let’s give another name a chance, but this is just ridiculous.  If he chooses to run it should be on him and not on his wife and child.

Common Core: continuing the lies that divide America

Harper-Collins left Israel off an atlas used in countries opposed to Israel.  A spineless move on their part; part of the liberal left’s thinking that perception is reality.

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