Links and Comments, Jan. 5, 2015

Navy considers more sonobouys off West Coast.  One threat from China and Russia recognized.

Revamped U.S. Oil Hedges may test OPEC’s patience   One of the billionaire princes is getting worried, the news the 90+ year old king was hospitalized may be starting an inheritance war.

Ebola has not gone away, patient in UK, two under observation for symptoms in US and Germany.

Hidden WWII battlefields reveal German’s secrets.

The political troubles in Mexico – they are our problems, too.

France is dumping its socialist supertax.

Is this the site of the trial of Jesus?

Apparently our borders are open to more than illegal immigrants, it is also helping the meth trade.

Oyster farming on Tangier Island in the middle of Chesapeake Bay. A post political Ken Cuccenelli.

McConnell’s main goal for GOP – Don’t be Scary – I find that scary.

I find this even scarier RFK, Jr. : “We have so much to learn from Cuba”  he has a lot to learn, period.

The Aryan Brotherhood – apparently they are more violent against their members that against other races.

On Al Sharpton there is this – Want to avoid being called a racist? Pay Al Sharpton, and then there is this-


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