Links and Comments, Jan. 7, 2015

Obama and Cuba– do you think our president will have the common sense to be embarrassed at how he was played?  I don’t.

Has Boehner had enough calls from conservatives that he knows now knows who elected his majority? He does, but he and his friends are doing a slow burn and who knows what is going to come of it.

EEOC deems a school wrong for firing a teacher who handed a Bible to a student. 

We will have to do some strong soul searching in this country in regards to freedom of religion.  We have many who would do away with any and all references to Christians and Jews, and many Christians I see on facebook do not seem to believe Muslims should be free in America.  There are always limits.  We need to enforce our immigration laws and make sure that those who immigrate to this country have to  assimilate and accept our freedom of religion, just as we have done for two centuries.  France is a strange country in the first place but they have learned first hand how deadly some religions can be.

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