Links and Comments, Jan. 11, 2015

The Party of Snobbish Elite

Is it Muslim Extremism or is it just Islam?

 Will this actually help? CAIRO (AP) — After gunmen in Paris killed 12 people, Saudi Arabia’s top body of Muslim clerics quickly condemned the attack and said it could have no acceptable justification. It was a signal from some of the Islamic world’s strictest voices that cartoons lampooning the Prophet Muhammad in the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were not a reason to kill the artists.  

More House Democrats want to limit time at the top.  Then how was Nancy re-elected as leader?

There are more Democrat Billionaire donors than Republican.  This is apparently news to some Dems and the editors at Politico, but we knew it all along.

Holder apparently didn’t march with the other leaders while in Paris – well of course he didn’t, he was too busy doing all the talk Sunday morning talk shows.  This is one of the things he had to say.   The party line, that is.  Also there is this from the Ground Zero mosque leader.

George Will  has some questions for Loretta Lynch before she is confirmed as attorney general.

Frank Miele at the Daily Inter Lake: I would propose that in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, that same question should be put to all the leaders of Europe and America who have bent over backwards to make the world safe for Islamic terrorists

The select committee to investigate Benghazi is continuing.

The New York Post has this on Islam’s Reformation.  If only it happens. “The test of the revolution Sisi hopes for is not whether it is popular in the West or among moderate Muslims. The test is whether it is credible to those who would otherwise be attracted to, say, the Muslim Brotherhood.”

This is a video that says what most of us believe.  It is 5 minutes.

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