Links and comments, Jan. 12, 2015

At last, maybe we will see some true conservative action from the congress we fought so hard to elect. House plots attack on Obama Immigration actions.

The juxtaposition of two articles on the Houston Chronicle online site seem to me to show one actually answers the other.  Am I just an elderly prude who think girls are taught to be sex objects in their dress and actions?  Or does one really have to do with the easy access sex traffickers  have to obtain victims?  The headlines. Sex trafficking is a growing problem in Houston suburbs  and Miss Universe hopefuls hang out by the pool.

Fact Checker Glenn Kessler is forced by fact to give a checkmark to Boehner on VA deaths in Arizona.

Focusing on Gov. McDonnell is missing the point and the full extent of corruption by the powerful.

I have noticed we have quite a few “cash stores” and other short term loan businesses in our little town.  I have been quite disturbed by it, as it gives our main avenue through the Hwy 35 business route a tawdry look and tells me there is some loan sharking going on.  I do not know who owns these businesses but I can tell you I find it disturbs me.  So of course, I was interested in this article: Churches step in with alternative to high interest, small dollar lending industry.  Food for thought.

The Washington Post editorial board doesn’t think the senate should put getting the Keystone as a priority.  Maybe not, but let’s just get it out of the way.

Forbes Tim Worstall on the minimum wage.

Some pertinent thoughts from a military mom.

New Senate set to blast Obama at confirmation hearing.  I only hope it is true.

Rockport fits this profile in many ways-  In Resort towns working class move out as rich move in –  years ago we visited Jackson Hole with friends and discussed with a waitress this exact problem. She could no longer afford to live in her hometown, she had to move to the next one down the road.  The price of property in Rockport is very high compared to Aransas Pass, Portland and Ingleside; and the taxes are proportionately higher.  Yet I am still looking for a place in this town so I can move in from the Wilderness in Lamar. If I did not have family and friends in Rockport, I would move to Aransas Pass or Portland.

Here are the links concerning the Obama no show at the large protest in Paris in which most world leaders showed up, and not even a biggie rep from America.  Obama sent 3 reps to Michael Brown funeral….   Lack of top official at march raises eyebrows…  Too little too late? John Kerry going to Paris.  Much, much more available but not really necessary, we all know what happened.  Confirmed: Obama watched NFL playoffs instead of going to Paris
Oh, great! When they blow up the Super Bowl
he will be on the right channel.
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