Links and Comments, Jan. 13, 2015

Raise gasoline taxes?  Even Krauthammer thinks it should happen.  (he did say he was tilting at windmills) I don’t think so, apparently he also has no idea about how the average worker makes it to his job.

Term Limits, I would like to think that could happen.

Victor Davis Hanson with two good articles:  Glorified Bastards and  Multicultural Suicide.

ISIS has more major victories in Iraq.   Very, very troubling.

Ted Cruz will chair the Senate’s subcommittee on Space, Science, and Competitiveness, which oversees the space agency.  This particular author doesn’t seem to like Ted Cruz.  He is worried about his climate views.

A quiet year in terms of tax changes…. but ACA… waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Liberal democrats have caused Weiss to withdraw his name for nomination of undersecretary for domestic finance – this causes me to wonder why in the world we need a secretary for, or undersecretary for, domestic finance.

Vegetative states are not necessarily vegetative.

The federal workforce is shrinking, but more slowly – meaning, not fast enough.  And perhaps the federal hiring that does happen is not exactly fair.

Wendy Davis’ replacement is touting her anti-abortion boots.

Why does the mainstream media call Mohammed “the Prophet?”  Is this nitpicking or a good question?

Sen. Jeff Sessions has defined a Republican Immigration Policy and delivered it to all Republican members of Congress.  I have not seen a link to the plan he wrote but the long article does go into details.

15 Statistics that destroy the liberal narrative.   I haven’t done research on these to see if they are true statistics, but I will take most of the providers at their word.

Remember how the Democrats mocked Republicans for their Drill, Baby, Drill chants? (warning video appears, read the article if you don’t want to listen)

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