Links and Comments, Jan. 14, 2015

IRS still has not approved the Albuquerque Tea Party application for 501 3c – since 2009

More on what we are doing with local taxes and low wage earners– nationwide study show it hits them harder.  Is this advocating a sliding scale for local and state taxes; that would be a nightmare to manage.

The troubling path of Muslim migration – America are you  paying attention?  I think my readers are.

Backtrack on manmade  global warming- Volcanoes are causing the earth to cool.  That is why climate modeling (which is what the Al Goreites use) cannot ever take in every variable needed for an accurate model.

British ex-pats are going back to Great Britain because they prefer its healthcare system over Obamacare.

The federal reserve system and its enormous power over our presidential elections

This is a must read for conservatives – Dana Milbank  explains some of the differences between conservatives and the rest of the GOP.  Which side to you stand on?

Republicans have gained more than 900 state legislatives seats since 2010  Very good news.

Doing the math on the “free” community college proposed by President Obama.

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