Links and comments, Jan. 15, 2015

This MIT scientist is not intimidated by the Church of Manmade Global Warming. 

Friends of the Earth are the enemies of Mankind

Russia is fighting back at the sanctions – thanks to Jim Little for the link. Link in the article leads to this.

The Indian government has cracked down of Greenpeace and other U.S. environmental groups for protesting its use of coal-fired electricity, India’s biggest source of energy.

George Soros funds the Ferguson and like minded protest groups  and that information probably has some connection to t his article – How the Obama-Sharpton alliance began.

I hope none of you are unduly shocked at this report (sarcasm alert) but the CIA has reported they found nothing wrong with their search of computers used by Senate investigators.

Saudi Arabia is building a great wall to keep out ISIS  Talk about locking the barn door too late.

Is Duke University just trying to get attention?  No, just being their liberal selves. From the article: This is not a mere call to prayer for Muslims, it is active call to become a Muslim. It is no different than a Christian exhortation to attend church.

Switzerland has given up on the Euro.

We like cheap gas but it is definitely costing jobs.  More here.

I had just read parts of this when I turned on the radio and heard Rush Limbaugh talking about it.

And then I read this: Behind Obama’s Greenhouse emissions gas

I found this on

dirt on you

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